Photojournalism and the Why

After being asked on my Tumblr blog why it was that I wanted to become a photojournalist, it got me thinking…why do I want to be one? Where did it all begin?

In my reply to my follower, I wrote:

“I am in university right now studying Journalism and I am doing photography as my side hobby. I have just begun studying photojournalism within my course this term. So as of yet I don’t know what it’d be like to be a photojournalist but I can tell you that deciding to become one took a really long time. I went through wanting to be a Radiographer, Nurse, Vet, Ambulance Driver..and finally came photography. I knew I had a niche for it and it was something I never got bored doing. I’d say if you have that unfaltering love for photography and you are good at expressing yourself, then photojournalism is a FANTASTIC thing to do.

  Journalism is an exciting job which can be well paid if you’re good at what you do as in any job if your parents have doubts of it being worth studying. My advice would be: get really organised, arrange some photoshoots with people (or whatever it is you’re best at photographing), get them printed and put together a portfolio. Prove to your parents a) you have talent b) you have a love for photography and lastly, it’ll begin something that you can continually update, rearrange and get better at.

Photojournalism in my opinion is about being able to take one photograph and being able to capture everything. Start off with landscapes then move on to people and work on to capturing their expressions. Always keep in mind ‘originality’ and  GET OUT THERE AN DO IT!  You won’t regret it and let me know how you get on/if my advice was what you wanted to hear. ” 

I found that by writing this, I realised how much I really do love studying journalism. In case you were interested, here is some of my portfolio work thus far and hope to continue to improve. Most of my best work is taken with a very dated film SLR.

Film prints of Gylly Beach, Spring Days ’11

Gylly Guitar
The Eager Bodyboarder

These were taken in Wales during  the early summer of ’10:

The Welsh Farmer and His Workers

If you read this and got inspired to give it a go with your camera, go for it. Just give it a shot.


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