Snyder Strikes Nerves in ‘Sucker Punch’

Sucker Punch, directed by Zack Snyder (best known for 300), must have been delivered to cinemas filled with stern-faced film-goers having received such negative reviews. Did Snyder sacrifice praise to strike nerves instead?

This film is an exploration of the human mind and its ability to preserve itself from emotional and physical trauma with the use of escapism. You follow the transformation of  a normal girl, Baby Doll, who (after losing everything she holds dear) is the transferred into a prison-like-asylum by her abusive step-father and loses herself into her own kick-ass world where she becomes the heroine.

Emily Browning, centre, plays the film’s heroine: Baby Doll alongside her asylum combat comrades.

Sucker Punch is an unrealistically over stylised film which deals with what some would see as sore topics:

Snyder’s plot emulates around sexism and views on mental disorders in the 1950s. Along with the decade’s twisted running of mental asylums, all forms of abuse, the power of friendship, the effects of betrayal and the ability to overcome or at least try to overcome life’s most difficult obstacles. Most people do not want to receive this all in one mainstream film, but Snyder doesn’t sweep these horrors under the rug. He brings them out to an audience for all ages with graphics immersing you into the world of escapism.

Having created a game-play-feel reminiscent to Tekken and Call of Duty as well as including battles against Lord of the Rings orcs and dragons, Snyder covers all bases a fantasy/action film should. We should be left lost for words and be shown that even in the darkest of times our minds can allow us to accomplish anything, even create an alternate reality. Albeit there is no happy ending, you should have left the cinema with a Sucker Punch to your brain by Snyder’s work. If not, I’d suggest watching it again.


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  1. awalkden1 says:

    Hehe i marked this but its a good piece of work 🙂 kept me entertained for a whole seven minutes x

    1. Much thanks Aaron! Mine need to get better though! Keep up your fabulous work and your great blog you cool fellah! x

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