Olan Rogers: The Vlogging Package

Olan: Donning His Dimples and ‘Spenders

Olan Rogers is a YouTuber. He has a YouTube channel visited by many (link will follow) for a reason. Olan offers everything a YouTube fanatic could ask for: cats, graphics, great editing and he is a looker. Olan is the vlogging package.

Olan had a dream of being a movie director. With a channel view of over 1 million and total upload views heading over the 4 million stats, he’s sure as hell on his way towards this dream.

On his Channel, Olan wrote:

“I believe with all my heart that anyone can achieve their dreams! If you want something with every fiber of your being chase it! No matter how many people don’t believe in you never give up. No matter what life throws at you never give up on your dream. Because one day the dream that was impossible to some, will no longer be a dream to you because it will be a reality.”

Rogers with fans who drove 400 miles to see him, then ate at a Shake and Bake with him.

Olan Rogers was brought to my attention after a friend posted one of his videos, ‘Cat Cookie’, on my Facebook. From then, my appreciation for his work has continued to grow.

In ‘Cat Cookie’, Olan and his marvelous feline costar, Starscream won me over within seconds of watching their ‘battle’ over a cookie. “Star..Starscream..Put..put the knife down.” Yes, a cat vs human cookie battle. You’ll have to see who wins.

From this you may gather that his humour is a teensy bit eccentric and kin to all other YouTube celebs but his work is unique. The clarity of his videos, of the plot, the lines and the acting is just spot on. All in all he is a genius of the vlogging world and all vlogging enthusiasts should subscribe and take notes.

Starscream starring in ‘Two Times the Quick’

In his most recent short, ‘Two Times the Quick’ (no spoilers) he quotes a line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Now for me, that is a genuine win. He includes his cat as usual, (pictured to the right) in a mafia-style scenario where Starscream has been seen “smoochin’ with (Olan’s) girl, Janine, my sweet wins!”

Olan does have more serious work e.g. ‘The Last Scene’ (which includes a levitating Starscream for our comic relief). This set of 5 videos is now being put into DVD form. Yes, it is that good.

He has his own website where you can purchase Olan merchandise including tops featuring Starscream, other characters in his other videos and quotes from his work i.e. “Bring the Bacon,” “Keep Calm and Eat a Slice,” and “By the Beard”.

Whether they are his Shorts, Vlogs, Experiments etc, Olan has an ‘onscreen’ presence that makes him standout. He is confident in what he does and he’s proud of his work–proud to be making people happy.

Many who watch his videos especially the ‘New Prime’ and ‘Last Scene’ collections  usually find themselves commenting in disbelief regarding his video editing skills. He gets a lot of credit for his skills which many can see as the perfect ingredient to the Olan Rogers vlogging package.

My personal disbelief ensued after watching said first video and I still will happily re-watch any of his older videos. If ever you get through all of Olan’s videos, check out his much later stuff under than channel called Balloon Shop (http://www.youtube.com/user/BalloonShop?blend=1&ob=5) 

How does Olan come up with his ideas? How does he make everything so perfect? Trying to set aside his genuine good genes (he owns a lot of those) he is a perfect YouTube vlogger. And so this is why I feel Olan Rogers is the vlogging package.

Olan In Action/Graphic Form

On a final note:

I cannot physically force you to get to his channel ASAP but just do it. Pretend I’m forcing you, lifting you off of your…well that wouldn’t make sense. Ok, I’m moving your mouse.. You get the point!

Here is the link to his channel, just to aid you on your venturing to it: http://www.youtube.com/user/OlanRogers

From my blog, I link thee to this: http://www.olanrogers.com/

Happy blogging/vlogging!


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