Falmouth Mentors Plan For 2011

University of Exeter - Tremough Campus
Tremough Campus (Image via Wikipedia)

Current first year students from an array of UCF courses met on Wednesday to begin their training as the Mentors of 2011. At Woodlane campus, the mix of first and second years of the University College were given the brief to what it is to be a mentor for next year.

“A mentor is not a bank or parent or any of those things,” said Susan Morris, one of the head mentors. “A mentor is two things, a sign post and a friend.”

The students, a large group ranging from Dance and Fine Art to Illustration and Journalism, hope to provide University College Falmouth’s next years with a lot to look forward to. With the eclectic mix of friendly faces and armed with the knowledge of what a Mentor is and isn’t along with helpful tips, the Mentors of 2011 showed promise and integrity to make the first terms of their Mentees enjoyable.

The mentors, newbies themselves, went through various exercises getting a feel for what it would be like to be the new representative faces of UCF for the  Falmouth Freshers this autumn. Plans were made for the 2011 Meet Your Mentor gathering held annually at Tremough Campus. The Mentors were able to elaborate and exchange exciting ideas leaving most buzzing for the chance to welcome the newbies as eccentrically but as welcoming as possible.

Taking the initiative to create memorable and useful evenings for all involved, the groups laid out their ideas and the result was whispers of mini-gigs, treasure hunts, sack-races and even some were keen to dress up to make the night as memorable as possible for those just joining the course. It was agreed that coaxing students down to Falmouth was rarely needed.

Falmouth's selling point, Gylly Beach

This event will be designed to be successful and hopefully bigger and better than all years previously. As said by the Head Student Mentor, Mitchell Slater, UCF Mentors need to keep improving their Meet Your Mentors and continuing to push the creativity element to the max.

Some Mentors of 2011 will be given further training over the summer and other students are urged to take part with helping fellow course-mates with the organisation of the Meet Your Mentor event which looks to be promising!

Any current and prospective students are also urged to have a look at the HelpMe forum set up by the mentoring team at UCF if they are in need of any advice on any of the dramas of university life.


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