Falmouth’s Fashion Market Missing?

Falmouth’s high-streets are showing obvious signs of change in its men’s retail. Coming from a female’s perspective, Kelsi Farrington tries to solve this mystery of ‘Where Did All The Men’s Clothes Go?” with a Q&A interview with Falmouth shop owners and a student

Walking from one end of Falmouth’s stretching high-street to the other, you can notice a trend. Female’s dominate the fashion outlets. Is Falmouth’s retail proof of the researched trend that women shop and men buy?

Jane Thomas, owner of the quirky women’s boutique Just Like This, Emma Priest, one of the owners of vintage specialist boutique Two Little Birds and Ben Wilson, a 19-year-old first year Music student at UCF were asked a series of questions in regards to the trend of men’s fashion in Falmouth.

What do you think about the shopping choice in Falmouth, Ben?

Ben: I think all the shops are fashionable in Falmouth but they seem to be for the manliest of men.

Not what I would buy. I think the vintage shops in Falmouth are good but they’re quite expensive for what they are. It’s second-hand whether it’s vintage or not… it’s old. And I don’t really shop in charity shops unless I’m buying for fancy dress, like one-off-things.

What type of style would you say you have?

Ben: I’ve got my own type of fashion. Not what you can find in Falmouth. I usually shop when I go home to Essex. It’s cheaper for me and there’s more choice of high-street brands in places like Lakeside.

What ways do you think Falmouth could attract more male shoppers?

Ben: I think Falmouth could do with a bit more trendy high-street brands. They haven’t even got a Primark. They should bring one here and if they got that going then hopefully it would get more guys shopping in Falmouth.

Jane: It would take someone willing to spread the passion to open up a decent men’s shop. And to make people believe that they look good. You need people to step into that barrier.

EmmaMaybe it would be interesting if someone who was interested in men’s fashion to do like a pop-up boutique for men once a month. It’s a difficult thing. I guess it’s just for someone who’s creative. Men need something that’s different. But are they regular buyers?

Do you think Falmouth could become a fashion-spot for men over time?

EmmaFalmouth use to be quite well-known for having more individual shops. With a lot of the shops having closed down being men’s, there hasn’t been anyone who’s sprung up to replace those shops.

Jane: It would take the buyers of bigger shops to come and spend a month or so in their Falmouth shops for things to change.

The streets of Falmouth

What do you think you could do to make the men’s fashion better in Falmouth?

Emma: We find it difficult to choose men’s clothing but we have found that by having a smaller stock, we can rotate it and keep it fresh – this hopefully encourages men to keep popping in to see what’s new! Some people want fashion, some want individual style and some want quality pieces – some want all three! We will ensure that we do keep our male rail stocked and keep new and interesting pieces in store!

Jane: I’d like to think that maybe I could at some point afford to do a shop dedicated to menswear. Completely separate from Just Like This but still having the same feel. Unique things that they can’t find anywhere else. 


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