Fashion Bite: Retro Fashion Sites

Everyone needs their little bit of a fashion fix. Regardless of their age, gender or bank statement. We usually all like to look at clothes because as Homo sapiens, we generally need them. (Albeit some prefer to go without but there is a time and place and this blog is neither).

I’ve recently stumbled upon (via Stumbleupon ironically enough) a Swedish revamped vintage clothing site.

I’ve got a definite love for vintage clothing and am not ashamed to post any links to fashion on my blog. I’d like to point out that this blog is not a fashion blog but if it interests me, I will post about it. Today, that is fashion and specifically that interest is searching through Dream and Awake‘s online shop.

Another fabulous revamp vintage company is MaDaMe. MaDaMe (I pronounce it Mah-dah-me but I’d imagine it’s actually pronounced madame) use vintage and Reworked Clothing. It is “an eco clothing brand (by default rather than design) based on the make do and mend principle of the forties, with a little bit of Gok thrown in”.

MaDaMe’s Facebook page explains that there is some beautiful vintage out there, “some of which will find its way here, but most of it is a poor excuse for fashion. To us that is a crime, and inside every frumpy Eighties drop-waisted fire hazard there is a backless mini dress just dying to get out.

A MaDaMe Madame

So at MaDaMe we customise, individualise and exorcise the shizzle out of hand picked second hand clothes to make something great again.”

At MaDaMe, everything is individually redesigned, hand sewn, washed, steam ironed and ready for you to slip on.

Their promise:

“No stink. No dubious stains. Just awesomeness.”

If you have a look at their Facebook page, you can check out some of their portrait shoots which feature some of their pieces.

Their main website is where you can purchase some of the lovely pieces, significantly less expensive than the euro priced dresses on Dream and Awake.

Some may have never heard of Beyond Retro. If you haven’t then you are missing out on a lot of retro and even more revamped pieces for both men and women. And the prices are very reasonable. You can find almost any piece of vintage-retro whether it be an old pair of sunnies or a pair of tweed trousers.

Beyond Retro Online

Beyond Retro, a Sweden based chain of vintage clothing shops, has become so popular in the UK that it now has three stores. Two being in London and one in sunny Brighton.

Most of their items can be taken home from their online site.

There, you can shop to your vintage heart’s content!

Beyond Retro pieces are more commonly appearing in the press and celebrities are donning them happily as well.

Beyond Retro pieces are more commonly appearing in the press and celebrities are donning them happily as well.

The Beyond Retro shop in London’s East End happened to be used in the music  video “F*ck me pumps” by a Ms. Amy Winehouse.


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  1. Interesting post. The Dream and Awake‘s online shop is very nice, I need to add the site to my links page. I have several Customers in Sweden who might like what they have.

    1. Thank you! It was pure coincidence that I found Dream and Awake. Am really glad the post may be of some use for you and your customers.

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