One Day: Worth Watching

From the first few seconds that the book-based film comes onto the screen, One Day is visually captivating. The directors and screenwriters throw the viewer straight into the plot and in love with the characters. And with its fantastic cinematography, the film is a delight straight through to the ending.

The author of the acclaimed story, David Nicholls has his name tied to a book and movie which will both be favoured by generations to come.

It’s not a film that is recommended to be watched sat alone feeling sorry for yourself. Like the saying goes, “there will be tears” of no doubt. Whether it be for joy, sorrow or laughter, they will fall.

You will cry with the characters of this film, heart of stone or not. You’ll probably watch it once and never again. Because you won’t have to. This film will embed itself into your mind as if it were a memory. Yes, the characters and the story are so realistically accurate to how life actually plays out that it’s almost a mind trick. Viewers will be dragged into the story by their heartstrings.

Watch this film, but never give spoilers to friends who have yet to. Let them be unaware to its ending…it’s best unspoilt.

One Day is such a great book. You will catch yourself smiling at anyone else you see reading it on the train, as I did today. Am so thrilled that I did the backwards thing of watching the film then reading the book. Stupid, yes? Well it got me hooked into the storyline, and the book filled in anything that was ‘missing’ from the film. I had those characters in my head, how they looked and how they spoke, and this made it much easier to read the book and know that I wouldn’t be disappointed. So basically, loved the book and would pass it on to everyone I know for them to have a read!


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