Past Photo Shoots: Andrea

Here are some past photo shoots I’ve done. The first three being of Andrea, a childhood friend. The setting was at a very dated garage in the Bahamas. Andrea, being a very natural beauty seemed perfect for the shoot. Her lovely (never dyed) golden hair went perfectly with the blues of the garage and the Dickies jumpsuit (borrowed from my brother). The masculinity of the set and the outfit was made completely glamorous and sexy based on Andrea’s looks alone.

As you can see in these photos, she also has lovely eyes which I wanted to focus on as well. With the help of the blue jumpsuit and the very grungy setting, she seemed to shine through all the rubble and rust.

Having the benefit of a friend willing to climb onto old rusty tractors in 5 inch heels was fantastic and found the photo shoot my favourite to date.

I’d passed by the ‘set’ the day before and was thrilled when Andrea was equally as excited to do the shoot. It gave me a real sense of professionalism and made me realise how much I’d love to do this as a profession.

Many thanks got to Andrea for letting me take these photos and would love to photograph her any time she wished! Hope to be working with her in the very near future, you may just see her beautiful face on this site sometime soon.



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