Why I’m Embarrassed To Be a Part of the ‘Facebook Generation’.

Everyday it seems that I can’t help but look on Facebook. Why? Because as our generation all know to well, Facebook is part of most of our everyday routine.

In fact, I stopped to think about how often I go on Facebook:

1. When I wake up.

2. When I’m bored.

3. Before I go to sleep.

4. …When I’m bored.

I do it without even thinking. I have Facebook on my phone. I can’t seem to escape it. And here I am now, posting this post and it will appear where? On my Facebook. But why is it that we allow so many people, so many ‘friends’, to look in to our lives?

I’ve had a huge discussion with those close to me to try to figure out why it is that we are hooked on what is essentially just a website. Like this one before your eyes (minus the ability to look at my interests, music taste, location etc).

Is it just because we’re nosey? Yes, partially.

I admit that I have spent countless hours ¬†profile hopping from one unknown person to the other. It’s similar to when we buy magazines is it not? Those that delve into the lives of celebrities– people we don’t know.

I actually got distracted while writing this post by Facebook, took time to ‘like’ someone’s status and look at an acquaintance’s most recently tagged photos.

It infuriates me that I have become addicted to a website. I tried quitting Facebook but got pulled back in within weeks. I’m tempted to try to quit again but have been told not to by my nearest and dearest (…those who I’d actually say Happy Birthday to because I knew their date of birth without the need of a Facebook reminder).

Seeing as I’ve moved from country to country, my friends and family from home find Facebook the easiest way to get in contact with me.But I know for a fact that I have not, over 20 years, become incredibly close with 300 people. In fact I know that one of my friends has almost 2,000 ‘friends’ who have access to his personal page. Really?

This is where it may dawn on people. Your Facebook page is YOUR PERSONAL PAGE. Therefore has personal information. I’d shout it til I was blue in the face and still there I would be stood, being a hypocrite, because I’ve got my location and ‘d.o.b.’ for everyone to see if they wished to.

I’d like to go back to the times of not having MySpace, Facebook, and Bebo (why is that still around?). Where you had to speak to each other in person and if you didn’t it was for a reason…

Let’s just re-learn as a species to focus on the people who we do have actual friendships with, shall we? Get on and do things discretely. If you go for a fantastic walk on your own and have a marvellous time, let that stay in your head. Not everyone needs to share it with you. It’d be like taking your 300 or so ‘friends’ with you on this walk. Would you want that? No.

So close your laptop, walk away from your computer and give yourself a break from Facebook.

Have fun, readers and live life outside of the Facebook! Make these pancakes instead like I did: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/fluffyamericanpancak_74828


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