Thursday’s Dose of DIYs

I’m having a day full of searching amazing crafts via Stumble Upon today. I’ve managed to add about 20 fantastic DIY tutorials to my Reading List on my Macbook.

But I couldn’t possibly keep all of them to myself so I thought I’d share my favourites with you:

1. This fantastic Suitcase Chair is exactly what I’d love to have in my bedroom. 

If you like this as much as I did, here are some more suitcase ideas.

2. This ‘Love’ Headboard I think would look lovely in any room.

3. These Egg Carton lights look beautiful! And although I have some fairy lights in my room at the moment, I’d love to put a homemade touch on them and give my room a more romantic feel.  

4. Owls and other fantastic creatures painted on empty toilet rolls. I definitely see this as a great way on recycling! 5. This wouldn’t be classified as a craft but it is DIY…I’ve been dying to dip dye my hair for months. But the thing is, I’m not sure it would suit my curly hair. And just one colour? So when I saw this DIY hair dying, with temporary colours, I once again got fixated with doing the same to my locks. 

6. I’ve been looking for the perfect lampshade since I moved into my new flat. I still haven’t found one. I came across this fantastic DIY lampshade made out of vintage doilies. 

The shadow effects of this lampshade look fantastic too!

7. I love trees, and love this recycled paper DIY tree. It adds so much colour! And looks fun and easy to do. 

8. This seems very easy to do and yet so simply pretty. 

Make a wish. 

9. I love shelving and I love books. So how about these lovely ‘book shelves’?

10. And because it’s Halloween soon…I’m aiming to make this Autumn coloured footrest to go under my sewing/working desk. 

Thanks for having a look! All the best, Kelsi xxx


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    1. Much appreciation, Lauren! Just checked out your blog– great stuff!

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