Yet Another, DIY Night!

Tonight my flatmates and I decided to complete another DIY craft from my list.

We made fairy light flowers out of egg cartons after once again breaking out the watercolours.

They are perfect and seeing as we each painted 2, they make them even more special.

If you decide to make these too, please let me know how yours turn out.

Wonder what we’ll create next….



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Julie Farrington says:

    Love them still think primary teacher !

  2. crampmystyle says:

    These are sooooo pretty! I want to see more photos. I wish I could make these too but here in Brooklyn, our eggs at the deli come in Styrofoam! I will have to find some good old fashioned cardboard containers!!

    1. I will definitely get some more pictures up, on all of my posts for that matter! I’ve checked out your blog, love your photos! You can do styrofoam, we only get plastic or cardboard here in Cornwall.The tutorial that’s also here uses styrofoam.

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