Falmouth Finds

I was thinking today about how many great things I have found in Falmouth this past year…

I couldn’t believe how many fantastic items I’d bought that I know I will be keeping for as long as I can.

I thought I’d share them with you all and I’ll be updating as often as I can what other little treasures that I come across to express how great this seaside town is for some fantastic finds!

Falmouth Find No. 1:

These earring were bought last week at Falmouth’s lovely homeware shop, Salt Pig for an unbeatable £3.99.

Falmouth Find No. 2:

I got this Jewellery stand in Salt Pig as well for around £7.00 and I love it.

And the stand lives upon my Falmouth Find number 3, my dressing table which I’ve only just finished painting.

Falmouth Find No. 3:This dressing table was bought from Falmouth’s British Heart Foundation for £40. I’ve repainted it purple to match my room with paint from Sweetpea and Betty who focus on restoring furniture to beautiful and timeless pieces.

Falmouth Find No. 5:

When I was paying for my dressing table from Falmouth’s British Heart Foundation, I spotted this lamp and had to buy it too. It cost me an extra fiver and looks lovely in my room. More importantly it matches my Falmouth Find number 6!

Falmouth Find No. 6:

 I found this find in Falmouth’s Cornwall Hospice Care charity shop minutes after buying the lampshade. I think this cost me about £2.99. It just needed a good clean and a good home.

Falmouth Find No. 7:

This item also needed a good home. Costing me under a fiver as well, this patchwork quilt needed someone to give it a revamp. I was keen to be that person and got out the needle and thread! Here is an example of the patchwork restoration project! I used some beautiful Jackpot scarves and will keep some of the patches that I like as is.

Falmouth Find No. 8:

I must seem infatuated with the past, and not with the present. I promise some of my stuff is modern! I love Audrey Hepburn (who couldn’t?) and so I saved up to get this print in Falmouth and cost me £10.

Falmouth Find No. 9:

I can’t recall where exactly I got these nicknacks from but they would’ve been from one of the charity shops Falmouth has to offer.

Falmouth Finds No. 10:

I bought this teddy in Pants Charity shop for £1. He sits upon the vintage chair my room came with and looks lovely sat there. I’m a sucker for teddies but at nearly 21 years old, I know it’s silly to buy them…but I couldn’t walk away from him.

More Falmouth Finds will be added soon.

There will be some fantastic dresses to be shared in the next Falmouth Find post.

I can’t wait to share them with you!

Happy shopping/blogging!

Kelsi x


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