The Rarity of Cherishable Mags

Upon starting a project in university, creating our own magazine, I couldn’t help but realise how rare it is that we can come across great magazine. Ones we can cherish for months upon months and whose contents won’t ever get old or tire.

Being a pro magazine purchaser, I went on the hunt lately to actually find magazines I love and not just ones everyone else is reading. Yes, I’ve been an adamant reader of Company and will happily flick through Vogue. But none are ever worth keeping, I don’t ever read the articles and I just flick. Flick through thin pages and grow unimpressed soon after and regret succumbing to buying yet another so-so magazine.

So, my search began last month. I’ve been wanting to buy an Oh Comely magazine all summer after seeing a copy of one in a local boutique. I would glimpse at it every time I ventured in for months. I finally picked the last Oh Comely which had gathered a light film of dust on its matte cover. I opened it up and off came the dust and hello a new outlook on reading magazines!

Oh Comely Magazine tells you to ‘Keep your curiosity sacred’ and with their beautiful magazine, how can you not remain curious and be desperate to keep their magazines anything but sacred? 

Oh Comely magazine is a plain formatted large size cherishable piece. Its simplicity makes it unique to all other magazines and its contents keep you flipping through the thick matte pages time and time again.

In regards to their 5th Issue, The Oh Comely team reflected:

We built a boat with plywood tape, illustrated dreams we couldn’t forget, played five scenes in colours and clothes, wandered about our old home towns and tasted porridge around the world. And lots more.

They also refer to their layouts as ‘dreamscapes’ and why not? The pages are dreamy and pan out everything you’d want to find in a magazine. The text is handwritten-like manuscript. The pictures are either lomo-esque and quite plain. Unlike the images found in magazine such as Wonderland.

Wonderland was a magazine I came across at a friend’s house. While they all played vintage playstation games (seeing their crazed faces I passed on being sucked in, plus I need to polish my PS1 skills), I found the magazine beside me on the couch. Fate? Little bit. I wasn’t immediately impressed but once I saw past the adverts and got to the core of the magazine, I was a fan.

Wonderland magazine has its many pros even though it’s so different to Oh Comely’s homely theme. 

The brightly colour schemes of the magazine give it a retro feel as models always keep the covers of each edition exceptionally fashionable.

The content in Wonderland is great too because you’re receiving pages upon pages of high glam/high punk/high retro photo shoots and some kick-ass articles.

This magazine pulls no stops on its content. Which deems it a cherishable magazine. Who could get away with this better than the Wonderland crew? Its money well spent but get it hot and fast–they sell quickly where I live, just like the sugar-sweet magazine, The Gentlewoman.

The Gentlewoman, a magazine I heard about through word of mouth is one that I am dying to get my hands on. But finding one online is proving tough. And living in Cornwall, with its limitations for getting up to date rare magazines and fashion for that matter, it’s proving difficult to do so! But once I do get my fingerprints on a copy, I’ll be writing a little bit about the magazine of no doubt! 

Happy reading!

Kelsi xo 


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