Olan’s Dorky Sweater Release

As a super fan of the YouTuber, Olan Rogers, I am more than eager to get myself within one of his newest additions to his fan memorabilia: his Dorky Sweaters.

Olan, who designs all of his fan clothing, reviewed his newest additions:

“So I tried on all the sweaters and now I’m going to critique my own sweaters 🙂
1. Shape Shifting Tango: Softest sweater I’ve ever worn, runs a little tight so I would go a size up. I’m also going to make a Battle Bear in the crew neck just because its so soft.
2. What the Poop: Super soft and surprisingly not to heavy and fits true to its size and it’s fitted (LOVE THIS)
3. Battle Bear (Light) Hoodie: Feels exactly like a cardigan so it’s pretty thin, runs pretty tight I would DEF. go a size up and as soft as Starscream’s fur. (My favorite one)”

If you haven’t seen any of Olan’s videos, do check them out. I have declared my adoration for him on my blog before but this needed to be posted. Once you do check out the videos, you will then see why I totally respect him as a director and comedian.

The sweaters will become available on the 7th of November.

I’ve got my eye the Battle Bear hoodie.

Happy vlogging!

Kelsi x


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