Winter For Me Is…

Every year, my favourite season comes along. And while everyone else is complaining about the disappearing warm summer rays, I can’t help but anticipate the changing of the leaves and all that signifies it’s autumn and winter is on its way.

Seeing as I grew up in the Bahamas, seasons don’t significantly change. The temperature hardly varies more than 10 degrees for months upon months. But, I always do remember the slight change when autumn came and the scorching heat so many love began to cool down. The late afternoons come evening were always my favourite. Being able to finally wear jeans and sweaters was bliss.

So when I moved to the UK, after getting over the stark temperature difference, I began noticing how much more dramatic season change here. And when my favourite time of the year came around for the 17th time in my life, it was even more intense and more magical than I expected.

The leaves changed to deeper reds than I imagined and things just seemed so very different. I knew snow was on its away and couldn’t imagine it. And when I first saw snow, on my 18th birthday ironically, I was absolutely besotted with the colder seasons. Call me crazy but give me a few years of getting use to it and I’ll be moaning about it just like everyone else…but not yet.

Here is a list of what makes winter my favourite time of the year:

1. Warm bookshops– the smell of the books and how they provide a safe haven from winter winds.
2. Lazy Sundays at work– where hardly anyone comes in but when they do, they always seem so humbled by the season.
3. Hot chocolate–either in takeaway cup for or fresh off the hob.
4. Animal hats, fingerless gloves, soft tights, snoods, and boots (just a few of my favourite things).
5. Late afternoon shopping– as near to closing time as possible when the sky is rich navy and all the shop lights are still warmly inviting you in.
6. The sleepiness– not being sleepy but how everyone seems to slow down. Life seems less stressful and people seem to slower their pace.
7. Fairy lights and apple and cinnamon scented candles. Albeit I see fairy lights as a bedroom necessity year round, they remind me of being warm indoors on cold wintery nights. And apple and cinnamon has always been my favourite smell.
8. Music– why does music for me seem much more memorable during winter. I have the strongest memories linked to certain songs that remind me of winters passed?
9. The food– winter eating seems so much nicer than the rest of the year. Comfort at its truest form.
10. Being with those you love– winter always brings people together and I love nothing more than being with my family and friends as often as I can during winter. Also, being in love during winter is one of the most magical things of all.

*Pictures of Falmouth this autumn will follow this post as soon as my most recent film roll has been developed.

Happy Autumn,

Kelsi x


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