Recent Film Prints

Taken in Falmouth last week. Photo on right taken by Harriett. Dress:Debenhams, Snood: New Look, Cardigan: Vintage Ralph Lauren, Leggings: M&S, Shoes: Vintage Doc Martins.

-Me in Dolly’s last week having a look at The Vintage Tea Party Book (what a lovely thing, can’t wait to get one of my own). Dress: Debenhams, Locket: Hand-me-down from my Nan.

Tea at Dolly's Tea Room and Wine Bar, Falmouth.

I’m looking into using my universities fantastic facilities and use their darkrooms to develop some of my own film. But until then, I rely on Boots to get mine developed. If anyone has any advice on developing film, please let me know!

I also will admit, as much as I adore the practicality of my Canon Rebel, I love the unpredictability of film (especially when using expired film).

Happy Snapping,

Kelsi x