Nostalgia Magazine Article Ideas: “Dear Charmaine Olivia…”

I’m still working on my features for my magazine project and I’ve been brainstorming about what to write about over the holidays that would make our magazine really unique. We’re all putting things in the magazine that we are really interested in so I thought of what I would love to share with readers. First of all, I would have to share with you my favourite artist, Charmaine Olivia.

Finding an artist who can create pieces that you would make yourself if you were artistically talented are rare. Charmaine Olivia is one of those artists who can draw the tiniest of sketches or the grandest of paintings and still amaze me nonetheless.

Charmaine Olivia is an artist who exemplifies all what I love about art and I’m more than happy to share my love of her work with you.

If you visit Charmaine's online website by clicking this image, you can have a look at some of her most recent work and purchase the pieces that take your fancy.
You can see from this screenshot some examples of her work and photographs of Charmaine herself who is equally as beautiful as her creations.
"Part of an ongoing series exploring the beauty of skulls and other presumably dark symbols. She is named after the Valerian root, which is prized for its sedative properties. Her eyes have a similar effect." 24" x 30" oil on wood panel
"Cursed with skulls for shoulders, Obsidian is really a gentle soul. Just try not to stare." 24" x 30" oil on wood panel

These two pieces I think are marvellous but at the same time harrowing. The rugged beauty of the women, their messy hair and haunting eyes can easily distract you from the fact that their shoulders are skulls. And that just seems add  not only a nautical but also a deadly aspect to Olivia’s oil-painted ladies.

Last but not least, I’d like to share with you my favourite piece by Charmaine.

The Fox Masque:

Hope this post makes you fall head (/skull) over heels in love with this impeccably talented young artist.

Happy Sharing!



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