Nostalgia Magazine Photoshoot: Rosie

I did this photoshoot with the beautiful, Rosie last week for our magazine, Nostalgia. I wanted this shoot to have a punk theme which Rosie was perfect for. Here are some of my favourite shots: 

I loved all of these images but we needed an advert for the magazine. Seeing as Rosie was wearing a pair of black Dr. Martens I thought, perfect, ad right here! So I pieced together some of the other pictures from the shoot and the end product looked like this:

We’ll be adding some illustrations to this advert done by one of my group-mate’s (and flat-mate too!) sister, Georgia. Massive thanks to her.

The end-end product will be in the final draft of the magazine which is due on the 25th of Jan. 12pm sharp! It’s been really difficult finding adverts to put in the magazine..which is a faux one I might add. But we’ll have to see how it goes when we have our final marks. The legality issues of using the brands name on a faux advert are questionable but as time dwindles, I’m not too certain we have any other choice in the matter! We’re attempting to make this look as real as we can so hey, why not have realistic adverts in it too? Just after overhearing some course-mates, they seem to have asked companies to allow them to advertise. Wasn’t aware of this at the time! But we shall see as said.

Overall, this is the first photo shoot we’ve officially done for the magazine and we have a lot more to go hopefully. As a magazine, we want it to be full of photographs…I do at least! And hope that this is true when we come to the 25th. I’ll keep this space updated so you know what happens. I know the final post before the hand-in will be tinged with fear! I can feel it already.

The group itself, has had it’s ups and downs and seeing as we’ve all gone home for the holidays, communication seems to be dwindling. If it doesn’t pick back up again soon, I worry that information won’t be successfully passed on and then things won’t be sorted out until we’re all back at university which frankly will be a bit late.

Relying on emailing due to me being in the Bahamas over the holidays will prove to be even more difficult. I don’t expect people to be at their computers at all times during their Christmas holidays but I feel like that’s what I will be doing. With the magazine deadline almost a month away, it feels like time is not on our side at all and we need to definitely step our game strategy up to keep up with the rest of the groups. Especially as most of them are double our size! I don’t think it’s a goal that is so far-out that it’s not within our grasp, but we’ll have to stretch really far when we’re back and I know it’ll be ridiculously difficult to convey months of work into a pdf document.

I feel that I’d love to work for a magazine someday…but frankly, I’d prefer to just be the photographer who deals less with the teamwork and more on the work itself being delivered, handed over and done with.


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