An Image Depicting Winter Melancholy / Of Me

Hopefully everyone has had a lovely Christmas this year. Mine was spent in the sunshine the Bahamas always shares on the winter holiday. This is not to make you jealous but to send some warm wishes your way. Me

This photograph was taken last year for a fellow Falmouth student, Ross Rawlings. He’s very talented and I loved this shot. I loved the gloominess and the velvet dress & chair combo. It’s a very wintery shot and I thought I’d share it with you.
This photograph albeit is the opposite symbolism to how I’m feeling today, but hey– it’s winter. And if it’s freezing where you are, anywhere in the world, then I’ll share it with you. Via a photo!
Photos of my Bahamian Christmas to come, once I get through a merciless 3,000 word essay. My drive is not being helped by my two Jack Russells, Ben and Jerry who keep ‘calling’ me outside to watch them do back-rub crawls across the grass in unison.

All my post-Christmas wishes from here to you, wherever that may be.



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