Nostalgia Magazine finished draft: “Dear Charmaine Olivia”

I posted a few weeks ago about my ideas to write an article about my favourite artist, Charmaine Olivia. Well I’ve finally finished the article and I thought I’d share with you my finished piece:I am completely and utterly pleased with it. I’m not sure if you can read the article, I do hope so because I’d love for you know more about her as an artist.

Anyway, here are the pages that followed the article, including another image of the beautiful Olivia:

I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of using InDesign. That doesn’t mean I like using it but I think I understand the bits and bobs to get my articles looking how I want them to. Now I just need to keep this a constant and continue working my way through all of the articles I have lined up.

Just an update on the work I’m doing so far:

I’ve completed this article on Charmaine Olivia: check!

I’ve got an article about Jelly Shoes practically done. Just the general quotes and info I’m not 100% happy with. I’d love to get that done and dusted though as soon as I can. It will fit nicely with the running theme of the magazine which I bet you can’t guess what it is? Nostalgia! I’ve had an idea to do a little mini feature about someone and their memories of jelly shoes. I’m thinking of asking one of the fashion students…they’ll tell me if the jelly shoes are actually in fashion or not!

I wanted to do some features about more serious topics but I don’t think that would suit the magazine…actually it wouldn’t at all unless it’s in our society section. Our society section is for all of the more intellectual readers who want to read facts as well as read about fashion. I’ve stuck to doing the section I’ve practically had from the get-go and that is ‘People and Places’. I’ve already done this piece on Charmaine Olivia and have also had ideas of doing a similar feature on a photographer named Saga Sig. She has a seemingly endless amount of jaw-dropping photographs that I couldn’t help but think of her as a definite candidate to write about.

Here are some of many images which can all be found on her website here.

I look forward to writing about her but am struggling to find information about her. Saga Sig isn’t ludicrously elusive as an artist but at the same time is nowhere near as ‘in the spot-light’ as Charmaine Olivia is presently. This highlights how much I’ve been struggling with finding online information from sources I don’t want to seem to be lifting directly from. Albeit facts are always just circulated, their words sometimes slightly altered through word of mouth I feel have already been reiterated too many times. I know that many people have written about Saga Sig but there is no true place, like on her site for example, which gives that much information on her. Knit-picking from site to site makes me feel like I’m border-lining plagiarism so I’m trying to literally read information and then just type it out as it’s organised in my head and how best I think it can be read by the potential audience of Nostalgia.


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