Nostalgia Magazine finished draft: ‘Jelly Affair’

‘Another one bites the dust’. And thank goodness for that! I’ve finished my ‘Jelly Affair’ article and the feature along with it.

Writing this article was my most trying one of all. I think the easiest was the one I wrote about Dolly’s Tea Room in Falmouth. This was the last article to get finished and I am so glad to see that back of it…well not quite there yet.

Basic background info on the article: I wanted to write this article about the iconic jelly shoe and how it practically was a necessity in every child’s wardrobe and how it once again was making its comeback. Apparently it’s a trend that comes in and out and in and out and again out of fashion.

You can check out my previous ramblings / the planning for the article here.

But enough chit-chat, here’s the final draft!

I’m pleased with this however I do wish I could have had some actual shoes by Melissa (the high street jelly shoe company I wrote about) to have done a photo shoot. Having a student budget meant that we, as a team, just couldn’t stretch the bank that much to buy shoes for one article…albeit after finishing my research I was tempted to get one of the lower healed jellies! My balance told me otherwise. So as you can see, I had to make do with internet photos, I’ve cited them in the actual final final draft so no legalities would have been broken. And I’m citing them again, I didn’t take these photos on these two pages but I did however take these:

Okay I took all of these photos above and those that follow except the adorable image of fashion student, Jodie Miller as a child. Isn’t she a pie? She was great to interview as well.

We bought a pair of cheap jelly shoes for her to model and we went for a stroll by the seaside to chat about her childhood in Devon. Here’s some more of the finished draft:

I loved these photos. So happy with how they turned out and was fun because I got to borrow the model, Jodie’s camera. It was weird using a different kind of Canon DSLR but fun. I also took some photos of her and the under a fiver jellies on my ‘new’ film Canon Rebel SLR that my dad gave to me over the holidays. It’s a beauty and I adore it. I also bought some black and white film which I’m eager to use! Okay enough techy talk, the article or should I say articles, are done! I’m really glad I split them apart.

The only difficulties I had with this article/articles was that I struggled to get any quotes for the main ‘Jelly Affair’ article. It seemed like none of the high street sellers such as Asos didn’t have time to reply to me. Which is fair enough, it just meant I had to go straight to the company Melissa itself and ask their PR people about more info. It just would’ve been nice to have a bit more quotes in it about the jelly shoes and their success now.

If I write about something similar to this feature, I’ll know for next time to focus on the quotes rather than the facts…although I do sense that majority of our magazine is quite factual and not incredibly quote based. This may be an issue when we are marked but I think the fact that I have the feature on Jodie, it will out way the hunky-chunky fact piece above!


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