Nostalgia:The Last Days of Production

We have but one day left to work on our magazine, Nostalgia. Today has been absolute chaos!

Layout adjustments, InDesign crashing, font disagreements… it was a long day.

I’d like to dedicate this post to talk about the overall coming together of the magazine which I’ve come to love– Nostalgia.

Having begun this ‘mission’ to create a magazine in October last year, we’ve come a long way as a small group of originally 5 girls to now 4.

The magazine was from the get-go, designed to be a special magazine that captures all that is great about the past (whether it be the fashion, the music etc) and we’ve managed to do that effectively I think.

As a group we’ve been good as a team and I think our different personalities benefitted the overall outcome of the magazine. If our time management had been revised a bit more, we could have had a lot less stress these last few days! I feel with every major product, I reiterate the same words: “I’ll plan better next time and get it done out-of-the-way when it’s set.” I won’t need to do that again after this project because it’s definitely been drilled into me to for certain PLAN PLAN PLAN!

Our meeting were always thoroughly planned out and albeit I feel like we could have done with more meeting like that, we still have managed to keep relatively on track. And after putting the articles together today, like fitting a potentially mismatched puzzle, they seemed to fall into place. Tomorrow we will be essentially polishing our ‘Nostalgia’ to be shining its brightest for assessment. I think we’re all proud of the overall accomplishments we’ve all done to make it a brightly coloured and worded magazine that we can be genuinely excited about. And if the feedback isn’t as good as we expected, I think as a team we’ll just be so ecstatic that we a) didn’t tear each other’s hair out b) we made something we all love and c) we made this with a team of 4!

Our different sections coincide with each others and the over all flow looks to be relatively flawless. Baring in mind that this is our first time doing this, something’s could have run smoother but ultimately, it’s a good magazine. Doing this module has even made me want to swap doing my dream term– studying Photojournalism with Radical Journalism which includes making a zine. But we shall see.

I’ve finished all of my articles which includes a couple of music reviews (one on Lana Del Rey’s new album ‘Born To Die’ and one on Of Monsters and Men’s new album ‘My Head is an Animal’), a feature on Charmaine Olivia, a feature on the very fashionable UCF student Charlie Murray whose blog can be found here, ‘Jelly Affair’ an article about jelly shoes reinvented by Melissa shoes, a profile on Jodie Miller and her childhood memories. I also did a review on Falmouth’s 1920s style Dolly’s Tea Room. I got the contents page layout finished and we pieced together each section. My section seemed to be bursting with colour which is what I wanted and I’m glad I chose the topics I did. I loved how each of our sections suit us so perfectly. Ellie with her fashion section overflowing with 80s fashion snippets, Harriett’s  music section classic and well presented, my people and places section smack in the middle with what seems like that poster section in your young teen magazines and Janet’s society section laden with facts.

I’ve just finished my news story and managed to squeeze in another piece I’m happy with! I’ll be sure to post it tomorrow once everything is out the way. Just wanted to keep you all posted. Very excited about tomorrow being over and done with but ….I’ve said this already! Goodnight WordPress!


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  1. Julie Farrington says:

    Well done I hope you mail me a copy !

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