Rhubarbs for Breakfast

In my opinion, you cannot beat a fry-up. Nor can any seaside town beat St Ives. Visit St. Ives and have breakfast at Rhubarbs and it’s sure to be a flawless day… Here are the film prints I recently got developed after my two flatmates and I took a day break to St Ives. We stumbled into my now favourite place to eat, Rhubarbs. I’m a veggie so I opted for the veggie fry up. And I was in my heaven. Having a fry up with avocado on the side to me is perfect, you can’t beat it. I tried haloumi for the first time and it’s so tasty. There’s a huge slice of homemade white bread toasted to perfection under those sunny-side-up eggs. The grilled portobello mushroom slices make regular fried mushrooms less appealing from now on!  All in all, what a great plate of food and I left 110% happy! I can’t wait to go back to St Ives and venture back into Rhubarbs. Hope you get the chance to go there someday too!


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