Copyright Up and Down

Copyright Up and Down

I have never truly worried about copyright and keeping my photos ‘mine’. I never saw them as good enough to be ‘stolen’ and claimed by another. But I have recently discovered how truly awful my relationship with Facebook is. I use to share so much information with everyone and now I’ve slimmed that down..rationing my ‘friends’ to the bare essential facts about me, things they should already know.
One thing I’ve begun to hate sharing is my good photographs. I’ve become more and more reluctant to share with everyone my favourite photos. I use to be so thrilled to have some heavily edited /super-contrasted landscapes to be put out there for everyone to see and get their feedback.
Am I a bit scared of that feedback now? No, not at all. I think I just like privacy more now than I use to and I like this change. I also frown upon that editing I use to take pride in on my Facebook. Only thing is, those pictures I sort of display on my Facebook page, they aren’t truly owned by me are they? Because Facebook owns them as everyone says. And I don’t like that much..I’ve thus started thinking about copyrighting those images before I offer them to everyone on the web.

Here is one of my now watermarked photos. It’s a first attempt, and a first glimpse for some of you of this photo I took last year in Falmouth. I was walking along Woodlane and saw this swing through a gap in a hedge just big enough to poke my camera through. This photo which I call ‘Swing’ reminds me of last year’s budding of Spring and how different a year makes. I’ll revisit this swing from time to time and it still looks the same, unchanging. Wonder if anyone places themselves on it every so often…unseen by the unknowing passers-by.


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  1. I like this image, seems somewhat sweet and innocent – nice.

    Also I can relate to your concerns on losing images, I feel the same. Everything that I currently post on WordPress and Facebook are all low-res images just in case. I’m also toying with Watermarking my images but haven’t yet. Your Watermark is well done, it’s noticeable but doesn’t interfere or detract from the image.

    By the way, Facebook doesn’t and can’t own your images but the fine print says that they “may” use your likeness or images to promote Facebook (although I haven’t see it happen…yet). But know that anything you post there stays on their server, you can quit and log back in months later and everything is just like it was !!!

    Good luck.


    1. Thanks for this comment, I appreciate all / any advice! I think uploading low-res images is a good idea, adding the Watermark is not overly time-consuming, but is a tad annoying. Thank you for saying it’s a nice one though, really appreciate someone taking the time to read/like my posts. Your comment also made me feel better about Facebook as well! I don’t feel as paranoid about it now.
      All the best, Kelsi

      1. No problem, I’m glad I found your blog. Keep taking pictures and keep writing.

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