Photojournalism Project 1: Portraits ‘The Tailor’

Photojournalism: Project 1 (Portraits)

This photograph was taken when I was on a trip to London on Friday. We were walking past this shop window and I couldn’t get to my camera in time. We were rushing off to a magazine workshop for the day and so I promised myself I’d definitely go back and take photos when we were heading back to Paddington. As I was walking, I suddenly remembered and turned to see we were right by the same shop. I ran across the road and tapped on the now closed shop door. The man in this picture waved me in to take this photo. I’d run out of film in my SLR and had to hurriedly borrow a friend’s digital camera. For our first Photojournalism project, we were to take a photo of someone doing something…an ‘action’ shot. So here is mine, the nicest stranger, The Tailor.

This was another photo I took of him as he chatted away to me and asking how my day had been. I can’t help but be pleasantly baffled when people you don’t even know can be so genuinely kind and sincere. This man has made my heart swell even days onwards. I wish him all the best and thank him for taking the time to let me disturb him when it was beyond closing time.


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  1. Great job, I had to do the same thing in school.
    You managed to capture him doing what he loves.

    1. Thank you very much, I hope to find more people like this who I can photograph for my portfolio. It’s a great thing to come across people more than happy to have their photos taken by a complete stranger!

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