Remembering Old Bahamas

Remembering Old Bahamas: Trimming Sponges
This hard working woman is shown doing a very popular job in the mid 1900s which was collecting, drying and then trimming ocean / farm grown sponges. These live aquatic creatures provided a booming industry in the Bahamas for quite some time and are still a very popular item for tourists to take home. I’ve yet to actually use one…the idea of it never really appealed to me but nevertheless you can gather how time consuming it must have been for this woman to go through all of those sponges. I think this is a great example of portraiture photojournalism and also a documentation of history and life in the Bahamas so many years ago.

One of the nicest things I’ve stumbled upon lately is the facebook page: Old Bahamas.

It glorifies old photographs taken of the Bahamas and helps many see the country I grew up in an entirely different way. Sure, the touristy photos still exist but tourism is what the Bahamas thrives on from way up north to Grand Bahama to way down south to Mayaguana.

I think all young people (and anyone for that matter) should definitely have a look through the images that have been uploaded on the facebook page.

The colours of this 1960s postcard is so artificially bright but still manages to capture Bay Street exactly as I would picture it. I love how the buildings have remained unchanged, even the pastel colours. The horse and carts are still around but the taste of automobiles has most definitely changed.

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