Work Placement: Week 1 Summary

After a very busy first week working at CommsConsult, a summary of how I’ve found this past week I felt was needed.

Firstly, what is CommsConsult and what do they do?

Well CommsConsult is an organisation who basically make it their mission to help academics and other organisations to make their projects for development work. Development being mainly that which affects developing countries.

This past week I have learned bundles of information about the importance of communication and the media (hand-in-hand). I didn’t realise that by working in the journalism/ media industry, you could help so many people find valuable information easier to understand.

I am not the most academic person so I have found it astonishing that I have actually survived this long re-packaging the pages upon pages of academic journal entries. I’ve done about 1/4 of the work that has been set for us.

The work we do, my fellow intern and I, is going through academic journals and giving basic summaries/ introductions to the topics which they cover. Doing this has helped me learn to read quicker as well as reading more thoroughly. Skimming through these documents would only result in an utterly incorrect account. Giving the potential readers (who would be academics worldwide) the wrong information is not something I wish to do nor would it benefit CommsConsult in any way.

I feel, already, that I am an important member of the team and have not been one of the unlucky ones from my course who will have a brain-numbing experience. In total, I will be working at the office for 4 weeks and am hoping to do more with CommsConsult and the team whenever other opportunities arise.


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