‘Dear New York’- b&w film inspiration

‘Dear New York’

Zara is one of the few shops I would happily buy anything in there (IF I had the money to). I came across these images on Zara’s UK website and they got me really excited about finishing my roll of B&W film. I took my film Canon SLR with me to London a few weeks ago and only took a couple of images. I’m trying to save them only for the best opportunities but find myself missing out on moments.

I’ve decided to embrace the same mentality I had when I first got into film photography: this is your hobby, so let there be failures and endless amounts of money spent on new film and sometimes good, sometimes bad. Because even if they don’t seem too special to everyone else (par my best friends who always steal them), they are my moments. And I love each 4×6 dearly.

These images I think were taken at a Zara event. There seems to be a lot of very attractive people that make the b&w images a perfect medium.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure who took these images so I can’t give the photographer their due credit but I picked out my favourite ones to share with you:

This image caught my attention first because the white light illuminated the delicate blossoms.
Her fair hair seems to shine its own radiant light as does her smile making everyone else fade into the background.
You can’t see their faces but can tell so much by their attire, it tells its own story. This for me, highlights the importance of individual style.
See how the light catches the glitter on the drum kit?

Amidst all of the fashionistas and their male compatriots, stands this man and around his neck he carries an instrument to capture all the liveliness of the room.

It is obvious that the facial expression of this woman made her stand out in this busy room.
Because The National is one of my favourite bands and the lead singer is captured with his very recognisable onstage wooing.

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  1. Wonderful photos. I especially enjoyed the old man with the Nikon and the guy in the hat shot from behind.

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