Work Experience: End of Week 2

My second week working at Comms Consult for work experience went really well. It felt like I’d gotten my head around the work load that the team and I have to accomplish daily. Re-packing information that you majority of the time find incredibly difficult to comprehend makes it 10x more mind-boggling when you have to simply it all. I finished the second week and I felt accomplished and content with the work I’d gotten done at the office.

Harriett, my fellow intern (who is also my flatmate and best friend) have completed half of the work we were set to do for the company’s website, R2A which is having a facelift. We’re generating the content which is going to be accessible on R2A and have been told we’ll be putting them on towards the end of our 4-week internship.

I’ve simplified the following topics taken from Ingie Hovland’s 2007 paper, M&E which focuses on different types of policies and condenses academic research headings:

-Impact Logs
-Evaluating Websites

I’ve worked with Harriett covering the following topics:

-Stakeholder Mapping
-Forcefield Analysis
-Social Network Analysis
-Problem Tree Analysis
-Media Engagement
-Most Significant Change (Msc)

Amongst all of this document production, we also managed to start work on different academic journals. These journals were found via JSTOR and are being found in order for us to unearth different facts that can back up various theories within the development industry.

What I’ve found most interesting, is the impact of different forms of communication. This communication such as different media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and blogs can be a huge benefit for different NGOs and academic research findings. Getting different content out there into the public eye means that the industry which I am slowly being absorbed into, media and journalism alike, can be a vehicle to carry this information on a global scale. Communication is a means to spread information.

It made me think of a postcard I bought in Hay-on-Wye (the town of books and where I use to live). It read ‘Turn Fact Into News’ and this is now stuck on my bedroom wall next to my work desk. Being a journalist does not mean distributing ‘bad’ news or spreading scandal. Leave that to the tabloid journalists. I will never be in that category and have become determined to chase a writer who informs and educates.

I leave this 2nd week of work experience with a mind crammed full of information and I feel satisfied with the work we have collectively produced. We received feedback at the end of the two weeks and were told how well we’d both worked. Working here has opened to my eyes to a new type of journalism and opened and exercised my brain to a new way of writing. I know I’ll leave this work experience and I’ll be glad of my time spent here. Hope the next 2 weeks go just as well as the first!



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  1. david says:

    I think it shows how much you have learnt

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