A Weekend ‘Away’

With a 4,000 word Case Study due in less than 2 weeks, 4 articles to write for the Falmouth Navigator and 2 photojournalism projects on the go: I’ve got a hefty amount of work to get through. I have to prevent myself from stress related eating because  I have to prepare for being one of the catwalk models for the University College Fashion Show on the 23rd. The agony! I love food at times like this. The same day as my Case Study deadline. But luckily, I had an extremely relaxed weekend break from all the chaos to come.

My lovely boyfriend, James came to visit me before all hell breaks loose. We spent the bank holiday weekend hopping from one seaside town to another. It was really nice to spend some much-needed time with him and took him to my favourite town, St Ives (yes, I’ve waffled on about it before how much I love it there so no need to do it again!). I convinced him to try my favourite Cornish pasty, Pasty Presto’s Chocolate and Banana pasty. Yum!


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  1. linhta7 says:

    The pictures are gorgeous! St Ives looks like a lovely place.

    1. Thank you! It is a lovely place. I’d love to live there some day.

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