Photojournalism Logbook, Printing Research and Planning Food Project

Just wanted to share with you all the process of getting the images and research organised for printing and to be put into my logbook.

I’ve spent the last 24 hrs working on this logbook, it’s coming along slowly and I am awful at anything scrapbook related.

I’m not good with organising coherently at first so it always takes me a few goes before I get the look I want. For me, things being in the right order is key. I don’t want my lecturer, Tom to have to flick through and wonder why my project doesn’t flow. In all honesty my thought process is very disorganised but like I said, I get there in the end! So I’m battling with sticking to my true form of ‘all over the place’ sticking and pasting but at the same time, it’s got me to where am I right now and I am thoroughly pleased with the idea that’s come around (slowly). I’ve just been on the phone to Cribbs to organise a practice shoot today and am feeling slightly nervous but know that there is little chance of anything going too wrong. I’m really looking forward to hearing what John the chef (who is from Jamaica) as to say about my idea of linking Falmouth, Cornwall and Falmouth, Jamaica in terms of food.

Here are the pre-printed pages full of images and advice which will all be stuck at the corners with masking tape in my A3 logbook. These include various images of food and portrait styles I’d quite like to achieve between my two projects. I have yet to make up my mind about my portrait piece but I have a strong feeling it may be me photographing during the University College Falmouth Fashion Show. Bare in mind I’ll be modelling for this and will have to do a juggling act while still trying to keep my camera safe. This, is going to be a challenge.



6 Comments Add yours

  1. Aimee Dabrowski says:

    This looks amazing Kelsi! It’s making me feel extremely inadequate!

    1. Thank you so much Aimiee, really appreciate that. If only my printer would print I could put words to action! And after seeing your shots, you need not worry. Let’s just say I’m compensating with nice printed photos because I’ve yet to take any for my actual project yet! Hope yours is going well!

  2. I agree, love all the colours!! x

    1. Thanks a lot, Mel! x

  3. david says:

    Grandad and auntie cynthia liked it

    1. Thank you both for reading!

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