Magazine & Production Catch-up and Ideas

I’ve been brainstorming for pieces that I could write about for my Magazine and Production module. The module this term is focused on producing articles to go onto our course website Falmouth Navigator. I have had one piece published on their so far and that was my restaurant review on a quaint St Ives’ cafe, Rhubarbs (hope you like it).

I’ve got about 4 more articles to write before I finish the term and thus my second year at University College Falmouth. I want these last pieces to really prove my ability to write and to grab my readers’ attention (that’d be you lovely people!). I’ll run them through with you and you can let me know what you think:

  • I first thought about writing a piece about why Falmouth student dress the certain way that they do. Aren’t familiar with Falmouth or its student population? Haven’t noticed this particular style? Don’t worry…I read a fellow writer for Her Uni’s post a few days after brainstorming and he sums it up perfectly here.

As William covers, Cornish students (particularly the Woodlane and Tremough population) have a particular way of dressing whether it be related to their surroundings or just influence from other students and local shops. What is quite clear is that Falmouth students don’t really base their clothing choices on what is popular on the high streets of big cities. We may have come from London or Cambridge but once we’re here, it’s a given that on will come the leggings, daps and baggy cardigans or jumpers. Not very many female students in the UK could brag about not having to wear heels on a night out “this is Falmouth”. And if you could see the mine-field of cobbled stones and root ridden, hilly pavements, you’d understand.

So I wanted to do a bit more research into this topic and answer how we get our hands on the items that make us seem somewhat uniform yet so unique all at once? I like the idea that students embody the hardy environment that is Cornwall and they opt for the items that can withstand the wear and tear i.e. a faithful pair of Dr Martens instead of Uggs. And that shops like Sea Salt and Fat Face offer expensive but quite sensible and influential pieces that both sexes can intertwine into their wardrobes. It’s getting that perfect mix of scruffy, casual, comfort with artistic flare and a dash of colour. The weather and the terrain control your day-to-day wardrobe, not what Topshop’s online headline reads.

Over all thoughts on this article after pitching it: not sure if it’s something that will really be of interest to anyone outside of Cornwall or even Falmouth for that matter. It’s a very narrow audience and is something I want to steer myself away from.

  • I then discussed writing a ‘year on’ style piece on the Pandora Inn, a local-ish restaurant that burnt down last March. They re-opened less than a year after the fire and are claiming the restaurant is better than ever. Seeing as the Pandora Inn was one of the places I fell in love with on my pre-university trip to Falmouth, I’m eager to go there again (promise it’s not just for the food!). The restaurant has a lovely location and atmosphere. Hoping to get to go with my boyfriend on his next trip to Falmouth, it’s quite far out so a car is essential as is having someone to enjoy the food with. I’m looking forward to this piece and Jason, my tutor agreed it was quite timely as well. Just wish I’d thought of it sooner!
  • Lianne La Havas is performing at the Hay Festival this year, which I will be ‘home’ for. She’s a newish artist who I’ve only recently taken interest in. She came on during work one day when listening to Spotify and when I found out she was playing at the Festival through a friend, I was quite excited about getting the chance to watch a singer who is in that middle ground between being known and being famous. She’s toured with Bombay Bicycle Club and her acoustic sounds slotted perfectly into my iTunes list.

I’m hoping to get some lovely film shots of her performance but as I said in one of my posts before this, I have yet to buy tickets. My tutor said about trying to meet up with her or get an interview. I’m going to attempt this and don’t feel uber star-struck, just slightly apprehensive that she’ll have enough free time for that seeing as she’s on her Lost and Found tour. Her newest EP ‘Forget’ has just come out as well and has received lots of positive feedback.

  • Final idea (gosh this list seems lengthy!) is a piece on the new face of food tv and a new addition to my inspiration list is Rachel Khoo. If you haven’t seen her BBC shows, Little Paris Kitchen do try to watch them before they are no longer available on BBC I-player. I’ve had a flick through her cookbook as well of the same title and it’s just as charming as her show with just more recipes to enjoy. I’ve messaged Khoo though her Facebook account but have yet to have a reply. I’m going to give it a go tweeting her, even though I’m quite new to Twitter. I’ll have to wait and see what response I get from her to actually get a feature on the go but will doing my research into her background as a chef and how she is continuing to win hearts globally, one kitchen at a time.

Thanks for reading and I’ll keep you updated!

*none of the photos in this post are the authors, their original sources have been linked directly to them.


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