Work Experience: Beginning of Week 3

It is not an easy company to explain by any means, I found that out when I went to stay at home with grandparents.

“Tell us what you’re doing again?”

“It’s called CommsConsult. We basically repackage information. We have to read through massive journals…” By this point, you know you’ve begun to lose everyone. That blank expression has washed over their faces and you know it’s time to just stop. It’s a task within itself to simplify something wholly intellectual. But because I’ve immersed myself into being part of the CommsConsult team, I wonder if it makes it easier to explain what the company does or not? What do you think? Have I lost you too? If so, please let me know!

We began our 3rd week of work experience at CommsConsult this Monday. I was quite nervous about starting again in case I’ve gotten a bit sluggish in the old noggin so I decided to do some brushing up in my spare time this weekend. Lucky for us, my fellow intern (and also flatmate) were able to have a 2 week break in between our total of 4 week internship. What a nice break it was! But like I said, am a bit nervous I’ve become a bit rusty!

What do I think I’ve learnt so far from working at CommsConsult:

-How important it is to be on time and reliable.

Being punctual and an important cohort within the company who pulls their own weight is super important. If you keep this up throughout the term of your work experience, it will make the time spent worth while for everyone involved. The amount of information I’ve absorbed (from the importance of mobile phones in Africa to the misrepresentation of Mexico by Hungarian journalists in the 1800s).

-How important it is to organise your thoughts.

I always struggle with organising my thoughts. It’s the most annoying thing about myself when it comes to doing work. It hinders my ability to work to my best capability. Working at CommsConsult means that I’m doing my internship with some very intelligent people. They are academics who will be reading the posts on the CommsConsult websites (R2A and R4D) and I may be one of those people producing the content. Organising my thoughts will mean I can keep my pieces brief and to the point.

-How to keep on top of the work load.

We’ve had quite a lot of documents which we have to read and explain in a google document. Once we do come up with our summaries, we have to share them with the rest of the team. It’s a bit daunting having people able to view what you’re writing as you type and watching the editing process before your eyes. It does (and doesn’t) help having a massive white board beside you on the wall covered in your work plan and targets. It’s looming over me as I type. I have a love-hate relationship with this white board and it makes me feel a bit more motivated at times and a bit disconcerted the other times. Having an updated page in my notebook about what I’ve accomplished helps but not as much as having the checklist. It’s so nice to be able to check things off (mental ‘Whoopie!’ every time).

-How important the internet is.

Without the use of the internet, organisations like CommsConsult would struggle to get information out in to the public and their customers. Quite frankly, organisations who are not established right in the thick of issues must rely on internet and constant verbal contact via phones, Skype and email. This importance of communication is nothing new, all companies rely on it as well as every situation we come across in life. What my case study is looking into is the importance of particular media platforms (particularly those online) and how dependant organisations and the social media industry is on the internet.


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