Photojournalism: Cribbs Photo Shoot (Practice Run)

The first photo shoot at Cribbs in town went really well and will be showing my shots to my tutor today. If you’re interested in them, here’s my contact sheet from the shoot:

I will be going back to Cribbs soon to do a night shoot and the owner/chef John has said I can take shots of him preparing the food and plating it up. I can also get some shots of the ingredients (but not to steal his secret recipes of course!) to show how different pieces pulled from traditionally Caribbean kitchens and not so traditional are incorporated to make Cribbs’ food so special.

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear your opinions and get some feedback on the shoot. I know that some shots weren’t the greatest but there are a few I really like. Any catch your eye or get your tummy rumbling?


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