Magazine and Production Update: Cribbs Piece Published

I looked into writing about Cribbs as a piece to coincide with my photojournalism project about connections between the Caribbean and Cornwall. So I did my research and learnt a lot about those little things many may not have realised. Having been born and raised in the Caribbean and now living in Cornwall, I felt I had a good angle and unique view on this story.
I found out a lot of information by searching on the web about Cornwall and the Caribbean and went from writing a review (like my Rhubarbs Cafe one) to a feature on the ties. For example this BBC article was quite interesting to me.

Caribbean fish found off Cornwall: A fish that normally lives in the Caribbean has been caught by a fisherman in Cornish waters.

This quote in the piece made me think about the cultural integration in Cornwall with its influx of ‘new’ locals.

The sea in the South West is becoming a real mixing pot- David Waines

Here’s my finished and published piece for you to have a read through. I do hope you enjoy it because it does hold a lot of importance to me being a food lover and homebody!


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