Magazine and Production: News Story Ideas and Research- Fashion Show

For my Magazine and Production Module, I have had to write at least 4 pieces which will be marked by my tutor. I have done a review of Rhubarbs Cafe in St Ives, a review of a live event I attended called ‘Jam’ and also a feature on a local Caribbean restaurant called Cribbs. For my fourth piece, I will (and would like to) write a news story about the Falmouth Graduate Fashion Show or something to do with the Hay Festival.

For the Fashion Show, I want to write a piece that’s of a certain style. I’ve been looking at different articles written about fashion shows. Being away from Falmouth this week and having left the article a bit too late to write, it may be a case of doing a write-up of the fashion show rather than a news story saturated with quotes.

This BBC story on the Gautier fashion show in January has a lot of quotes most of which being from different sources ie The Sun and The Independent. I’ve been doing my research for quotes from this year’s Fashion Show but can’t find any. I’m going to get into contact with one of the Fashion students who helped organise the event to see how they feel the show went. Having been one of the models in the show, I can give that aspect of the show as well. I’m hoping that this aspect will give the piece a different angle than coverage from just being sat in the audience’s seat.

Although I do want this to be covered as well, I don’t want it to be the main focus. I also would like to talk to one of the second year fashion students who worked on the organisation of the show. I know that, by attending the fittings for the show, that the second years were the ones who chose the hair and make-up styles. This caused a bit of an upset and is a huge responsibility for them to have to choose what will compliment the collections of their senior peers. If the two do not mesh well, it could ruin the over-all appearance of the collection and its impression on the audience.

I don’t think the pieces are going to be judged by any one but I know from last year’s show that there are often quite important people who will be sat in the audience and are talent spotting. I did get some good shots of behind the scenes but none of the actual show. I hope that this doesn’t deter from my piece.

The photos of the BBC Fashion Show coverage above are amazing. I really love effect of that first shot. I know though that albeit the photos are important on the Falmouth Navigator, that they aren’t expected to be amazing. But I am tempted to source out some of the really good shots taken by the Press & Ed. students on the night like this shot from Kelly Jordan’s collection: 

I came across this shot on the ‘Falmouth Fashion Show Your Photos’ Facebook page.  Isn’t this shot great? I just don’t know who took it and can’t seem to find that out! But will keep hunting for a name to credit them and will hopefully use this shot as my first and opening image of my article.

I want the piece to appeal to anyone interested on the choice of the venue for the show and how it was received by everyone. I personally thought it was a great place to hold a fashion show but must admit, I too was a bit apprehensive when I first arrived.

For the short amount of time I have to get quotes, I do think this will be a bit of a struggle but I do really want it to work! I’ll keep you updated.


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