A Successfully Hunted Music Generator

We Are Hunted was founded in 2009 as a place where the best up and coming tracks could be easily played and accessed. This music generator should be considered as our generation’s jukebox except you don’t have to leave the comfort of your duvet or skip through any god-awful tracks. No jiving required either, that is completely optional.

This online music chart has a clever way of monitoring all the tracks that are trending online which means that you are kept up to date constantly. These 99 tracks give you tasters of all the best songs out there from every genre imaginable. It will introduce you to the unknown artists with trance-inducing sounds and you’ll find yourself warming to electronic-rap and pop-folk even if you’d dismissed the idea before venturing to We Are Hunted. If you don’t find all of the tracks appealing, don’t fret – you can create your own playlists, too and select only the songs that take your personal fancy.

Providing those wanting to get lost in a candy-store selection of sounds with a sleek display of music to suit any taste-bud or mood, We Are Hunted provides a totally free and user-friendly site. “So many websites are too complex, too wordy, too long. I wanted this site to be digestible in three seconds … to deliver users exactly what they want — amazing, new music, every day.” – Nick Crocker, We Are Hunted founder, May 2009.

With the recent influx of more indie musicians and bands being more and more popular with the digital age, marketing is all done online and We Are Hunted taps into that. Trending on social media platforms is essential and for an artist to appear on We Are Hunted is a sheer sign that they are headed in the right direction. And incase you wondered, there are at times the ‘mainstream’ artists who do appear on the main page playlist but you can opt for the emerging artist chart playlist. This is why the site is so suitably named, they have hunted only the best for their users and you can easily hunt for exactly what you want too.

To save the best part about We Are Hunted to last, you can often get free downloads amongst the selection of selected songs. It is a playground for the music lover so by getting on your way to the site, you can give your mind a treat, bulk up your iTunes collection and broaden your awareness and taste in music. So, who is it that deserves the most credit? Is it the bloggers and tweeters or the clever clogs that run We Are Hunted who have the best taste? What is certain is that the site will not let you down by flooding your ears with only the best out there and not every and anything available. That is what will make you fall in love with it and keep you coming back again and again. Ever wanted one of those friends that has the best taste in music? Consider that friend found, We Are Hunted is your own personal music genius in online form.


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