Magazine and Production: Recap and Summary

For the Magazine and Production module, I feel quite happy with the pieces that I produced for the Falmouth Navigator. I wish I had focused a bit more on getting some really good quotes for my news story but hope that didn’t work against my writing overall.

To continue growing as a journalism student, I need to push myself more when it comes to getting stories. This module has pushed me more and I’m glad it has!

What I think I could have improved on:

-the structure: how I laid out my articles can at times be a bit sloppy. I know that because I think a bit too hard about how things sound. Rather than write it as I hear it in my head, I try to over complicate the words and end up tongue-tied and brain-fried. (<- Case and point)

-quotes: I need more! Definitely lacking there and could do with a lot more.

-my writing style: Although I do like my style because it is my own, my writing could do with some polishing. I use to have a definite style of writing in high school but that has nearly diminished post-sixth form and studying English at A-level. I want to work at this too and then I’d feel more confident about my writing.

What have I learned from Magazine and Production?

-audience: I learnt how to identify who you want your pieces to reach and how far too. If you narrow your topic, you narrow your potential audience. I like writing pieces that can be read by anyone regardless of where they are in the world. And it’s them being able to relate to my articles that I want most. Writing local pieces is something I think I would enjoy but it’s definitely the broader topics that peak my interest.

-topics: I really did realise how much I enjoyed writing about food when I decided to write the Rhubarbs Cafe review. I didn’t realise before that I had such a passion for food journalism and Magazine and Production has definitely opened up a huge range of opportunities when it comes to what I can write about. I wouldn’t want to do just food reviews in the future but I will definitely be keeping up with writing them. It’s something I think I do well in and hope it can be one of my niches (that and food photography!).

Over all, the module has taught me a great deal about journalism that I hadn’t explored before. And when I say journalism, I mean tapping in to what makes me a journalist. The module has definitely made me a more defined writer and has added to my ability to feel confident and comfortable with my style of writing and what I enjoy writing about.


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