Here Comes Summer! (Final Days of 2nd Year Journalism)

Hi there readers of my blog, thanks for the interest and support you’ve given this past year. It seems to have flown by quicker than I imagined! I’ll be entering my third and final year studying journalism at University College Falmouth. Over the summer, I hope to be keeping up my blogging and writing in general so I don’t get a bit rusty come October. If you have any suggestions as to what I can write about, do let me know! Similarly, if there is anything you want me to write more or photograph more, than also let me know.

I’m going to really work hard this week to get all of my packing and moving done before moving back to Wales for most of the summer but will make the most of my final days in Falmouth as the sun tries to say hello. I’ve got a planned day-out with my best friend, Harriett tomorrow to get some really lovely shots between us. Something’s struck a chord and I’m feeling quite inspired to get my blog full of some really lovely and interesting things. I’ll keep on posting!


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