Farewell For Now, Falmouth

The End of My Second Year at Falmouth

Next year’s abode.

Copyright- Kelsi Farrington

Olive Cottage

Copyright- Kelsi Farrington

Falmouth Harbour

Copyright-  Harriett Monaghan

I know I have already done a post about finishing up university for the year. But seeing as I only moved from Falmouth to Wales again for the summer this Monday, I thought I’d do one on leaving Falmouth itself.

This summer so far has just been spent moving, failing at selling any of my stuff and more moving.

Yard Sale Fail 1 & 2

Copyright- Kelsi Farrington

Majority of the stuff in the photograph above was taken by the British Heart Foundation the day after my ‘Yard Sale Fail’. I’d like to blame the rain wholeheartedly for the fail but I should have really organised putting most of it on eBay. Oh well, it all went to a good cause. After ridding myself of all the accumulated stuff (can’t say it was all junk, just stuff I couldn’t take with me to Olive Cottage in Sept), I felt quite good to have less but I know I’ll just accumulate more again. I like change, which may make me quite the expert of bagging up my wardrobe and carting it to the Oxfam bin nearby. The shock horror to many who know the contents of my wardrobe.

That big step of moving out means I have a) less stuff b) I’ll have to just do it again in September so let’s make this summer so great, I can forget about that for a few months. What can I do then? Well I’ve started learning to speak French online and God I’m awful at languages. But I’ll keep trying (for the second time). I’ve also started my very own rendition of Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred. It’s a very mild version which in other words means that I’m gently trying to urge my body to shed a few pounds so that I’ll have a body like Beyoncé come just before I hop aboard my flight home to the Bahamas.

This summer is a huge contrast to last summer which was spent primarily working and being bored out of my mind. There were the odd days were Harriett, Matt and I would take a break from everything and lounge on Gylly beach. This summer has such a different feel not only because I won’t be in Falmouth and in Wales and home, but because I feel like after my second year…I’ve changed so much.

Gylly ’11

Copyright- Kelsi Farrington

I’ve not gone through any major or traumatic experiences recently to bring about this change, but I know I’ve done a hell of a lot of growing up recently and I feel like I have a lot to keep me driven. Last week, I got tested for dyslexia, ADD, ADHD…the lot. Why? I’ve been really having struggling with my spelling and speech organisation. Two bad qualities to have if you’re studying to be a journalist. I got told it was less to do with my intelligence deteriorating (thank god) but more so to do with my lack of confidence. I got advised to do more reading and to just exercise my brain a bit more hence why I’ve re-started learning French.

I spent yesterday working in Oxfam for the afternoon and will be spending tomorrow there too. I love the atmosphere in there and it’s my favourite charity shop in the world. They have the best clothes and trinkets. But being in Hay-on-Wye can you guess what else it is brilliant for? Books. Books of every kind, size and about anything you could imagine. I got given a one yesterday called ‘Through a Glass, Darkly‘ by Donna Leon. I’ve only read a few pages of the Venetian murder mystery novel. It’s got everything I like in a fiction at the moment, great descriptions and straight to the point narratives. I’ll let you know how what I think after delving a bit more into the pages.

So the results of this test? I also got told I have minor signs of ADD (Attention deficit disorder) which could mainly be triggered by my brain working 5,000 times harder than it needs to. I agree with this observation because it never stops, I’m always analysing situations then re-analysing them months, even years, afterwards. I hate forgetting things. I’m constantly trying to remind myself of things in the past. Over and over I’ve been told “Kelsi, you think way too much.” Easier said than done but I’ll make it my goal (not mission) to just try to take a chill pill before I blow a fuse one of these days.

Right this second, I’m sat on a sun-lounger squinting my sunglass-less eyes and am trying to focus only on this blog post, the sound of the tiny birds chirping and the buzzing wasps all feeding 2 feet away from me. And also trying to remember if I’ve got sunblock on…oops.

Welsh Wasp

Copyright- Kelsi Farrington

Level Two Results:

I got my end of year results in an email this morning. The first was a major blow. I got feedback on my photojournalism module, the one I’ve nattered on about on this here blog for months on end. The Cribbs and Fashion Show pieces gave me nearly a 2:1. Aka i got a 2:2 and this really wasn’t what I was hoping for. But it’s not the end of the world.

I’ll keep you updated though and seeing as I got told by my photojournalism tutor to:

“Please please please keep shooting, as with any skill the more you do it the better you’ll get.”

And I’ll do that, for not just myself but for all of you who follow my blog.

I got firsts in all of my other modules and comparing them to last year’s results, I’ve done gone from an average 2:1 to an almost 1st. Another 10% rise will put me in the mid 1st category. The marking scheme is difficult to explain to people not use to it like my family and friends from back home in the Bahamas. It basically means that I got around a C+ for my Photojournalism project and A-‘s for my Magazine  Production 2 and the dreaded Case Study module. My other modules from the previous term (Film, Media Ethics and Magazine Production 1) gave me an average B+. Over all though, for the entire year- I’ve managed to get a B+…1% off of an A/ 1st. I hope this makes sense?

You can see that my blog, The Bahamian Rhapsody gave me an 80% in my Magazine Production 2 module. So hoorah! I just need to work harder next year and make that overall average a definite 1st, not a nearly 1st.

Plans for after university?

I’ve been looking into doing my PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education). That’s right folks- I want to be a teacher. More specifically, I want to be a preschool or primary school teacher. Little kids have always loved me, whether I wanted them to or not (I use to have a fear of kids hating me). Babysitting was always my most hated job as a teenager and would have to go through the door practically forced by my Mum. I always survived though and it seems odd to think that teenager would grow up to be me and that I’d be contemplating it as a career.

We’ll see how it goes after I get some voluntary work done over this summer at local primary schools near/in Hay and then the same primary school I went to as a kid in the Bahamas. I’m much more excited than I am nervous. I just wonder what my thoughts will be after the first day- hopefully they haven’t chewed me up and spat me out…oh wait, that’s high school isn’t it?


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  1. Kate Anthony says:

    Great pictures! Good luck in your third year!

  2. Thank you very much, Kate! And thanks for stopping by and following my blog!

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