Films For Rainy Days

Being a student, I do love my lazy days. Being a young woman I am unashamed that I love subtitled films (particularly French) and good-looking men (particularly Guillaume Canet).

I spent yesterday watching two films which I came across via Palace Films– an Australian company which specialises in scouting and represents some of the more risk-taking talent within the film industry. If you have a look at their YouTube channel, you’ll find a slew of trailers which are snippets of the gems the company have uncovered in the past few years and those on their way to select cinemas.

I chose to actually watch a film, Last Night (2010) which came up in my recommendations rather than one of the films listed.

Any film with Kiera Knightley starring, will always be given a chance by me! I personally think she’s a good actress and very attractive.I was pleasantly surprised with the film which I rented on i-Tunes. The plot is simple, married couple who may or may not be suited for each other. Both end up straying… then coming back to each other… re-kindled love… lahdeedah. Yes, very plain but who wants a heavy film on a rainy day sat in a conservatory?

Kiera, who is a freelance journalist (yay) and bumps into the very, VERY, attractive ex-flame – Guillaume Canet. I am positively certain my jaw dropped the split-second I saw ‘Alex’. How Kiera reacts to her French ex is similar to any I’d imagine, having just popped out (pyjama-clad) for a coffee and mere hours after her husband left for a business trip with his new work colleague, Eva Mendes.

You can roughly guess what happens but I didn’t ruin the film for myself, so I’d recommend you don’t either. Just take it as it is, a film with two likeable characters (Keira and Guillaume) and two not so likeable (the one-off, two-timer husband and Mendes). So just do what I did and enjoy the connection between Guillaume and Keira, their chemistry on set was lifelike and charming. Guillaume is the perfect ‘wish it was you not him’ character and I became a fan of not just his looks but his relaxed demeanour. After the film ended, I went back to Palace Films and came across my second film of the day which also starred the French actor/director.

Hunting and Gathering/Ensemble, c’est tout (2007) is a similarly predictable film where the nice, quiet girl (my favourite actress, Audrey Tautou) tames the ‘gruff’ hard-man (Guillame Canet again) and they fall in love. What I really liked about this French subtitled film was that the characters had a definite chemistry as well. That may be Guillame’s charm striking again but the plot was easy to follow and pleasant all around.

My adoration for the French actress, Tautou is similar to Kiera’s but more so. Her short hair and fragile frame makes her the unlikely love interest of such a burly character, Franck especially with her phobias of attachment and his angry attitude towards life. They come head-to-head quite often before the love sparks begin but it’s never uncomfortable for the audience because you can see what will happen way before they do. The suspense is not as overpowering as Last Night but it makes the flow of the plot more natural.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching both films and recommend you give them a watch on the rainy days to come! Grab your duvet, your favourite fluffy socks and even some ice-cream if you’re feeling like being Bridget Jones for the day.

My next films that I’m looking forward to watch are Goodbye First Love (2012) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012). Which films are you hoping to catch in cinemas or on DVD?


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