A VERY Over-Due Post

Firstly, deepest apologies to all of my blog followers may have wondered where the heck I’ve gotten to. If you noticed I haven’t posted in over a month, then thanks for noticing!

So I’ve been…not doing anything too exciting! I arrived in the Bahamas over a week ago. Before that, I spent most of my days thoroughly relaxing at my grandparent’s house near Hay-On-Wye. I’m busy helping my mom’s business which means I’m cleaning her rental houses everyday. But in my spare time I’ve managed to whack out my brand new Canon 75-300mm super-duper zoom lens. It’s so much fun to have a lens that lets me zoom so far! I’ve never had any other lens par my kit lens that my Canon Rebel came with.

Here’s some shots that I did with the new lens:

“Bahamian Buoy”- Copyright Kelsi Farrington 2012

“Perching Wasp”- Copyright Kelsi Farrington 2012

“Hammock”- Copyright Kelsi Farrington 2012

“Coco Palms”– Copyright Kelsi Farrington 2012

“Sound the Seagulls”- Copyright Kelsi Farrington 2012

Hope you enjoy these! I’m hoping to get into the swing of posting more exciting and more frequent posts again very soon.


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