Capturing Christmas ’12


When I got home for the holidays, it was so great to meet up with my friends from Sixth Form. The girls and I always meet-up whenever we’re all together at home in Wales. In 2009, we all went to this pub in Hay-on-Wye called the Black Lion. We decided to go back there for a Christmas daytime dinner and it was worth every penny.


Christmas dinner with the girls


Party Poppin’



The Birthday Boy

With Christmas, there are also a lot of birthdays in my family. My grandad, pictured above, is one of them. We celebrated his ‘day of birth’ in their local pub in Felindre, the Three Horseshoes.

_________________________________________________________________________________ christmas'12-'13_0005_NEW

Me and my Nan

_________________________________________________________________________________ christmas'12-'13_0006_NEW


Lottie and Grandad

On Christmas, we also welcomed a new member to the family, a beautiful beagle: Lottie. She’s become my grandad’s newest granddaughter and she’s settled in to her new life with my Aunt and Uncle quite nicely!

_________________________________________________________________________________ christmas'12-'13_0009_NEW

Rural Views


All photographs are copyright of Kelsi Farrington unless stated otherwise. 

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