Beerwolf Bookshop & Pub

Beerwolf has become the most popular place in Falmouth these days (and nights) it seems. Hell, I won’t complain, it’s my favourite place to go too! They do the best hot chocolates because A) They’re by Clipper (who I thought only made tea) and B) they’re only £2 which is significantly cheaper than Costa and Nero. Don’t get me wrong though, Costa’s still one of my faves with their unbeatable chai tea and/or caramel lattes. Yum!

Back to Beerwolf…here’s some shots I took last weekend after a very, very ‘active’ Friday night in Falmouth celebrating dissertation hand ins. The ‘freehouse’ has all the sensory-elements to suggest its a pub. It’s up an alley, it has a darkly painted front door that asks no drinks to be taken outside after 11pm and the pubby scent of ales and brews waft down the ascending wooden stairs. Yet once you’re at the top of the stairs, directly in front of you is the home of hundreds of affordable books of every genre yet still carefully selected. The pages and covers are crisp and are a joy to buy with your choice of beverage. Seating is ample and can either nestle by a roaring fire where you can share the warmth with a terrier and his owner or by the many windows, which let in the wintery, Cornish light. It’s a truly magical place that you could imagine would have been a pirate’s go-to'12-'13_NEW

Book Searching and Matt at Beerwolf


Jodie sipping tea at Beerwolf

I found that by stepping in to Beerwolf, it was like entering a Harry-Potter-esque world that can only be best described by Rowling herself but I’ve hopefully shined as much light on a Falmouth treasure and inspire you to go too. Having once had just a stall on the Moor in town, Beerwolf books has now expanded its ability to transfix an entire student and local population to wander up the alley opposite M&S and next to the Deli just to have a peak at this entirely unique pub.

Bring your packed lunch, a pocket of change and a willingness to unwind in Beerwolf.

All photographs are copyright of Kelsi Farrington unless otherwise stated. 



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