January ’13 Post

First things first, it’s been far too long since my last post. After getting assigned our dissertations, 3rd year has quiet frankly sped by. Albeit I have until around June until I am technically finished my Journalism degree, where has this first half gone?

My dissertation was handed in last Friday, relief beyond words! I had started a post on my topic but got waylaid with actually doing it. I decided early on in the planning process to do it on and around food and healthy eating. I somehow got tied to McDonald’s and its role at the Olympics. It’s literally felt like having this thing sucking the life out of me for the past few months. I have never felt so incompetent to put words on paper in my life. And then suddenly, that 10,000 word count disappeared. And what I had written down seemed so unlike any other work in the past. And I can’t say I feel wholly proud of it, which is the worst but I did my best.

In other news, we’re going to be doing Publishing next term / semester which means I’ll be tossing and turning about magazine ideas. I’ve written down a few which I will be elaborating on in other posts once there’s more to type about. We also have an awards ceremony coming up on the 15th of February which means we have to submit work that will be voted on by our tutors. Competing with the lower years is mildly daunting but it’s more the fact that I have the tough decision of improving past work or starting from scratch with just over a week left to submit.

I have some film photographs that I’m really excited to share and liven up my blog so I do hope you enjoy them. With recent free-time off of university and my birthday coming up this weekend, my favourite hobbies of cooking and photographing have actually increased. I can’t really afford to indulge too much in either but it’s too hard to not want to immerse yourself in all that you love doing when you feel so awful! I can honestly say that the 3 things that get me out of a momentary feeling of lowness induced by boredom are cooking, photography and gentle exercising. Hardcore working out usually makes me feel faint and wobbly legged so I’d rather take it easy, exercise a bit then cook something that’s probably added on the calories I’d only just burnt off. I hate to say it though, I’ve never been one to truly care about exercise or resolutions to get skinny. I’m more concerned with bettering myself as a person which can definitely work hand-in-hand with hoping to become fitter.

Lastly, I’d love for you to have a look at some of my boards on Pinterest (the reason I’ve neglected here so much) if ever you need any inspiration with recipes (healthy and unhealthy!) and/ or fashion. Right, well I’d better get on with my next posts which include those film shots I talked about.

Here’s one shot my flatmate Harriett did of me last weekend from that roll. It was taken at our favourite place for time away from everything, Beerwolf and a post on that will also be up by today. christmas'12-'13_0007_NEWImage copyright of Harriett Monaghan. 


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