Negotiated Portfolio Inspiration: Kinfolk Magazine

For my Negotiated Portfolio, I wanted to create some pieces that reflected the manifesto of ‘coming together’ that Kinfolk magazine does so effortlessly.

With the freedom to create pieces of journalistic work that can be about whatever we want, I decided to choose and/or pitch to a magazine that I personally aspire to work for. Kinfolk Magazine placed itself right in to my path a few months ago when I wasn’t looking for them. After purchasing their Volume 6, Autumn/Winter edition, I fell in love with the work the Kinfolk team had put together in what I can only describe as my perfect magazine.

It’s white cover reminded me of Oh Comely but after looking at their online presence (Facebook and blog), I noticed how different they actually were. There is no similarity whatsoever except the white space. I feel like Oh Comely was/ and still adheres to a younger me, a younger magazine enthusiast and journalist. However, I still do enjoy reading it and the numerous volumes still happily fill my bookshelf and you’d still find me seeking it out in any WH Smith.

Focusing back to Kinfolk, it is definitely heading in the direction and the style of writing and magazine presentation that I would like to aim for. After receiving my feedback on my previous module submissions, I was happy with the 2:1 in my International Journalism module but was told I really need to hone in on my creativity and make the most of my ideas. If I’d ever created a check-list for a magazine, Kinfolk has surpassed those ‘ideals’. Their style of writing (or the style of world-wide contributors) and their collection of photography is akin to exactly the level of hard work I’d like to set myself to be able to achieve in this opportunity of my portfolio.






I love the layouts and their photography but what struck me the most was what is explained below in their manifesto:

‘Bring yourself, take your time. The food will bring the minds together, as foreign as they may be.’

I’ll be writing more about Kinfolk and their style as the weeks progress and as I get more ideas about what I’d personally like to write and subsequently submit for an upcoming issue / volume. I’ll be buying Volume 7, their spring/summer copy and will have to be thinking about autumn/winter again. This should help me figure out what they’d like to feature amongst all of the other goodness that’ll be getting sent to them.

p.s. I’ve also recently applied to do an internship with them at the office in Oregon and I’m nervously checking the application every few days. It’s hard to put in to words how much I would love to work there. Wish me luck! Lastly, I got a First in my dissertation *fist pumps*! 



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