Publishing Inspiration: ‘Jerusalem’

Having just begun my Publishing module, I’ve been inspired to brainstorm more and let me creativity really come through for a change. Feeling particularly creative lately, I have taken the serious initiative to start planning a cookbook. I would hopefully like to see it published one day but it’s my biggest ‘project’ as yet.

I recently bought a cookbook called Jerusalem. It was created by two chefs from the city of Jerusalem and who now own their own chain restaurants. What really sold me about their newest book was the physical neatness in its design. In hand, it’s just a very sturdy, very lovingly created cookbook filled with great recipes and better yet, great food photography. When I say great, I mean effective and selling. It makes you want to eat it and for food photographers like myself, it makes you crave to shoot like that. Let’s have a look:IMG_6642




IMG_6676I’ve created a mood board on Pinterest and have been pulling together different pieces of inspiration. The idea of creating a book like this is something that I seriously want to complete and see it printed but it is going to take time. Lots of it! I’d also need to make a trip home to take some photos of not just the food but the people and places that I grew up around. This isn’t aimed to be a specifically Bahamian cookbook, it’s also the recipes that my British mother and American friends incorporated into my childhood and tastebud memories. This project will hopefully intertwine with my Negotiated Portfolio whereby I am to create several pieces of journalistic work that will be the last and best pieces I’ll be submitting to Falmouth University.



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