Capturing Nassau, Bahamas

For my cookbook inspiration, I thought I’d look back at some photographs of Nassau (where I was born in the Bahamas) that I took a few years ago. Nassau is a much busier and arguably more colourful place than where I grew up on Green Turtle Cay. There’s so much more to see and so, for a younger me, more to photograph! I hope you enjoy them: IMG_0431

‘Shutter House’- I dream of owning this house one day. I can’t explain when I actually fell in love with it but I do remember being a young teenager when I first took a photo of it…not with a DSLR but a grainy Motorola RZR. It’s just beautiful and on this day, I begged my dad while we were on a Sunday drive, to take me to it. I think it’s the amount of windows and the blue shutters that make it seem so perfect to me. Dreams come true they say so hopefully one day I’ll own a house like this! It is the epitome of a beautiful, Bahamian home.


Fort Montagu‘ – Nassau is a magical place for anyone of any age because of its history and monuments like its forts. These ancient forts protected the shores of the island of New Providence in the early 1700s. The canons still remain and visiting them, grim as they sometimes seemed, always made a fantastic day out whenever we visited Nassau. I always loved imagining life as a female pirate like Anne Bonnie and Mary Reid but maybe less of the horrid endings… Anyway, I love this aspect of Bahamian history very much!

‘Straw Market’ – This was Bay Street’s famous Straw Market after it sadly burnt down. It was temporarily set-up in the small building pictured here. As you can see, there was a massive sale to get rid of the remnants of sunglasses, thrifty hand bags and straw-made goods. These straw goods often are handmade there in the market by its female stall-owners come in the forms of handbags, clutches and purses weaved from straw. IMG_0411


This photograph of Bay Street traffic police wasn’t quite what I wanted but I still love how I was able to capture their crisp, white uniforms against the bright aqua shops.  IMG_0402




This pictures of my little cousins represent my adoration for my family. They are my utmost source of inspiration and I will be focusing a lot of my cookbook on my love for them. IMG_2180


Having a family-esque cookbook will be something that can be passed on to them when the stories of my grandparents are spoken about. Food is a huge part of my Bahamian and British heritage and I wouldn’t want that to get lost. IMG_2209



IMG_2196I was hoping to get home for Easter to take some photographs that directly related to my cookbook but it’s way too expensive so I’m job hunting instead. My plan is to go beyond just a hypothetical plan and actually begin putting this cookbook together. As always, thanks for having a look and will keep you updated!

All photographs are copyright of Kelsi Farrington unless otherwise stated. 



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