Potcake: Cover Design Roughs & Inspiration

I thought I’d spend another day playing around with the cover for Potcake on Photoshop (driving me mad!). Ideally, I’d still like to use a photograph or piece of artwork for the front cover but didn’t throw out having a plain cover either.

Screen shot 2013-03-15 at 16.11.23

I initially loved the idea of it having a cardboard-feel cover with a striking side panel for the spine but after looking at it, it’s not quite right. It could easily be the combination of the selected typeface and the blue that just don’t quite work for me.

Here, I’ve been playing with different typefaces and using it to create a Bahamian ‘mood’ / feel. My favourite is the 4th one down: Londrina Outline but I don’t think I found the exact font just yet.

Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 10.30.15



I’m waiting to hear back from the Ministry of Tourism to find out what font they used for their old advertisements for the Bahamas. After doing some research with the help of a course-mate, I’ve established that it’s a Serif font but not entirely sure which one. The adverts are from the 70s so it would mean using a retro typeface but I think it’d be perfect.


Screen shot 2013-03-18 at 11.06.59

This rough is quite girly and bright. In some ways I like the idea of playing on it being a girl’s guide to Bahamian cooking but it immediately narrows the audience to be female and particularly seems to be for a young girl. In actuality, I want this cookbook to appeal to all ages and genders.


Lastly, I’ve been taking inspiration from these two book covers and would love to apply the same style to Potcake:

6a944986841e3c24ba3b95127ac7a482 e4d4abf2f5b68ebf35ef0861cc5aa5e3I’m going to need to find someone who’d be interested in creating a cover for me whether computer generated illustrations or hand painted. If you know of anyone, please comment below! In the meantime, I’ve been asking different local artists from home but would quite happily pitch to a student here in Falmouth. I think that my ideal cover would feature a Bahamian potcake dog happily investigating the island streets or even just sat placidly looking at the reader with an array of childhood-related illustrations dotting the foreground. Just wishing I was more artistic!


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