Negotiated Portfolio & My Two-Year Blog-iversary: A Celebratory Post

It was my blog’s two-year anniversary yesterday so I thought a post was definitely necessary! Thanks firstly to all of the readers and followers of The Bahamian Rhapsody, your ‘likes’ and comments always make me feel particularly positive about my work.

Blogging has become something that I feel completely comfortable with and always enjoy hearing what feedback you have. What can be a daunting challenge, to write interesting blurbs about what’s happening in my life and sharing it with people who I don’t know…it hasn’t been all that bad these past two years! I’ve watched myself improve as a writer and seeing as I quite like to share what’s precious to me, it’s been a pleasure. Just wish I had time to do more!

Updates on different ongoing work includes two successful interviews the past two weeks. I have almost finished the re-draft of the piece on Cribbs in Falmouth and how it, as a restaurant, is helping to create Cornwall’s Caribbean connections. I will be submitting that piece and the photographs I took for my photojournalism module to Cornwall Today and it will hopefully be appearing in the August issue. Very excited!

My second interview was with Nicola at Pea Souk (a vegetarian cafe in Falmouth). I mentioned in my post about my Negotiated Portfolio Ideas that I admired her style of cooking…the interview only made me admire even more. You realise even as a predominately vegetarian eater, how difficult ‘meat free’ cooking actually is. I look forward to getting the piece written up and pitching it to some of my favourite publications.

A recent find that I’d love to pitch the Pea Souk piece to is Broadsheet, an Australian publication based in Sydney and Melbourne. Their page layout and design is breathtaking:

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 14.13.22I’ve made a list of places I’d love to work one day and Broadsheet is definitely one of those places. I don’t really mind where I end up after my degree, as long as it’s a new and challenging experience. I’m quite happy to go wherever my degree takes me. What I’ve really realised is that I need to really give it my all in my portfolio pieces. They’re going to be the articles and features that I’ll be using to sell myself  and I need to do myself credit. Another piece I’m working on is interviewing a bakery in Falmouth to do a B2B piece on Gluten Free Baking. Can’t wait to get that interview done as well.


My goals and ambitions have grown a lot since I first started blogging. I would say that I had an idea of Journalism and it’s so different now. I use to think I’d be a quite adventurous reporter and I’d be more fearless. Can honestly say that I’d be more than happy to just be sat in a nice office surrounded by positive co-workers with similar interests and writing about things I really love. I always struggled with being artistic when I was younger. It annoyed me that I couldn’t paint or draw. When I learnt that I could do other things, like make jewellery, I got stuck in and wouldn’t leave my room until my head hurt. I’ve not changed too much since and I will work at something until my head starts to spin. I’m not a ‘natural’ creative. I have to work at it and I’ll be applying that motivation to whatever job comes in my path in June.

Graduating is going to be great and I’m not scared of what’s around the corner…I just hope it’s good and I’ll work hard at it.

Thanks again for reading, I’ll try to keep on top of blogging again once my work is more or less out of the way.

In the meantime, why not check out the current project my flatmate and I are working on? My next post on there will be about the adoration of cows around the world – can’t wait!



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  1. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary!

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